Another Facial Nerve Illustration

carbon dust


Beginning Cadaver Sketches

I have been meaning to post some sketches for weeks of the dissections my gross anatomy class has been doing. Here are some of the first ones. I try to keep up with labeling them with tracing paper over the top for studying purposes and also because sometimes it’s difficult for me to look back on a sketch and remember what I was looking at. (Even though the day I’m drawing an area I always think to myself “I’ll never forget what I meant by this!”) Please excuse my sloppy scanning job, hopefully you can tell what some of these are.


posterior labeledposterior

side view of neck labelsside view of neck posterior view of muscles surrounding the scapula labeledscapula, posterior muscles
deltoid and cut pectoralis major labelsdeltoid and cut pectoralis majorpectoralis major reflected to show pectoralis minor
brachium and brachial plexus

pectoral girdle bone labelspectoral girdle
skull posterior





I Rarely use Ink


I don’t think I’ve done anything in pen and ink in about a year so. I thought some practice in line might help me for my upcoming project. However, these drawings are based on illustrations┬ádone by Netter and Hodge so I want to make it clear that I’m not taking any credit for this work. I was doing my best actually to replicate their illustrations. Thanks for looking and tips are always appreciated!


I’ve decided to do the section of the visible human project in illustrator too for fun. Well, and because I don’t have the desire to finish it in watercolor. I’m planning on keeping this sort of style and just adding gradients. It should be easier to understand that way. The progress shown here has no gradients yet, but almost all of the basic shapes.



Some recent photos

I went to the Adirondacks recently and I’ve decided to post the highlights of some of the photos I took. Lately I’ve been taking photos more for reference purposes and not so much to stand alone, but I think there are a few here worth saving. Also there are some cows…because I like cows.




mink frog


pickerel frog




painted trillium





Transverse Section at T8 (In Progress)

I started this project last semester and hated how it turned out, so I’ve decided to keep going on it and see if I can finish it in a semi-decent way. It’s watercolor on clay board and is meant to show a transverse slice of a male human at the eighth ┬áthoracic vertebrae. The reference is from the visible human project, which in my opinion is amazing in itself. The professor I had was having us try to emulate the colorful style in many Netter illustrations. I think in a few more layers I might be close to what I was picturing. I have to say that one of the reasons I want this to become something is because I don’t want to waste a twelve dollar piece of clay board.

transverse section progress


A little Different

Well I have a due date coming up for a project pretty soon, of which the objective is to draw a self portrait in the mirror in chalk pastel. We are supposed to have an expression that highlights the use of one particular facial muscle of our choosing. I secretly love taking in-progress pictures of my work. Partially because it gives me an excuse to take a break and partially because I like looking back later. So here are some quick pics of what I’ve come up with today. (I can’t resist posting them because I look so terrifying) The finished product will be in much more realistic colors but I’m focusing on establishing color in this first layer. If you have any comments please share!